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The secret of prayer in Islam

Prayer is a constituent element of the human being. From Greece to Rome, Egypt to Babylon, it was present in all civilizations and in all religions, such as Islam, animism, Christianity, Judaism, etc. Prayer, whether from an ancient tam-tam or a modern-day computer, reveals that our deepest beings aspire to connect with a higher power, a transcendent being who would answer us and listen to us.

Prayer is born out of this universal feeling of piety, manifested by religions through different cultures. We do not know the first prayer in the history of humanity, whether it was a praise or a request, communal or personal, at the moment of death or around the fire.

Prayers go through the cultures and the centuries that influence them. They testify to the desires of the woman and the man, their inner truth, their religious beliefs. To pray, in the most common sense of the term, is to ask God for something. Demand is the most common form of prayer, the other form being the prayer of praise, more gratuitous, which is also found in worship and thanksgiving. But prayer does not always need words to tell itself, it also expresses itself in silence. Prayers can lead us to the inner silence of a prayer where words become superfluous. To pray is also to put oneself in the presence of God in silence and solitude, to rest in his mercy by letting him do it. This prayer lives beyond words, in recollection before a God who loves us personally. The ritual prayer (Salah) is to be distinguished from the private prayer (Dua) that every Muslim can make while at home, traveling, walking… to freely express to God their confidence, their needs … By cons, the salah time Doha is a prayer codified and programmed in time and space.

Prayer times in Doha

These are the prayer times in Qatar. Take a look at Doha prayer time.

Fajr: 03:15 AM
Sobh: 04:44 AM
Dhuhr: 11:32 PM
Asr: 02:56 PM
Maghrib: 06:18 PM
Isha: 07:48 PM

Qatar, a key player in the financing of Islam in Europe

Today, Qatar occupies a special place in the concert of nations. It regularly takes center stage. This country has managed to emerge in a spectacular way in the span of twenty years. It was undoubtedly one of those countries (among the Arab ones) who invested the most in this new phase. Qatar is a predominantly Muslim country. It has supported several billion euro (35 billion euros) projects (120 projects), mainly Islamic centers and mosques in Europe and Switzerland. These amounts are nothing compared to what Qatar Charity (a non-governmental organization founded in 1990 for the development of Qatari society) spends throughout Europe.