Islam and citizenship

The influence of countries like Qatar or Saudi Arabia in Europe (especially in France) is based on political, ideological and financial networks. Qatar, one of the largest oil producers, plays a major role in promoting Islam in Europe. This country has supported several million euros projects of Islamic centers and mosques (more than 200 projects).

Some people think that citizenship and Islam sound contradictory. But it is not the case, because Islam is not contradictory by historical heritage or in essence to French citizenship and republican values and rules. On the one hand, historical studies have shown that the incompatibility between being a Muslim (practicing) and being French was a defining element of Islamic radicalism. On the other hand, the speeches made by the majority of political scientists (specialists in political science), who took Islam as an object of study, regularly insist on the inseparability of politics and religion in Islam. This reciprocal exclusion constitutes a non-sociological value judgment.

In speeches and behaviors alike, Islam is an engine of citizenship. This religion motivates and promotes legalism, political participation, adherence to the values of the Republic and also, national loyalty.

Wanting to live (completely) as a Muslim respecting the fundamental principles of Islam (the pillars of Islam (profession of faith, prayer, fasting Ramadan, alms, and pilgrimage to Mecca) and the pillars of faith) is not contradictory to modern life. Freedom of religion and thought is unequivocally granted in Islam.

Prayer times in Qatar 2019

These are the prayer times in Qatar. Take a look at Doha prayer time.

Fajr: 03:14 AM
Sobh: 04:44 AM
Dhuhr: 11:32 PM
Asr: 02:56 PM
Maghrib: 06:19 PM
Isha: 07:49 PM

Islam, a religion of peace

Islam has always considered religious tolerance as a “divine law”. The word “peace” (Al Salam) means protection and salvation. Peace, which is one of the Names of God, is the greeting of Muslims. “Muhammad”, the Seal of all Prophets, is considered as the charter of human rights to the present day. He is the noblest of men.

The Messenger of God Muhammad says: “God (Almighty) has made peace the salvation of our community, and protection and a guarantee to the non-Muslims who live among us.”

The Muslim religion asks its (faithful) believers to defend the freedom of worship for all. It is the one and only religion that accepts all sacred places dedicated to cults (Muslims, Christians, Jews). It is a universal community; open to all humans (without exception) without regard to their languages, their origins, their colors as well as any denominational considerations.