The omnipresence of God

The existence of God

With faith in God being the foundation of Islam, there are two kinds of evidence that can be related to the existence of God.

There is first evidence in the material universe: there must be a Creator and Controller of the universe. In the Holy Quran, this evidence is centered around the word “Rabb”, the first attribute of the Divine Being upon which Revelation draws attention – “Read in the name of your Lord (Rabb) …” (Quran 96: 1) – it’s how the Holy Quran beings (Quran 1: 1), with also being the most repeated attribute in the Holy Book. “Rabb”, which usually translates to Lord to abbreviate, means the being who brings into life and nurtures until perfection.

All that is created thus bears the imprint of the Divine creation characterized by the transition from a lower state to a higher state of fullness. Evolution, a stumbling block for other religions, thus becomes the very foundation of faith in God and serves as a proof of intention and wisdom in creation. The uniqueness of the laws of the universe, not to mention the immensity of its diversity (Quran 67: 3-4), the existence of the strictest control in all of nature from the smallest particle to the most powerful sphere (Quran 36:38, Quran 55: 5-6), and other similar arguments are found in every page of the Holy Book.

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The Conception of God in Islam

The second group of evidence when it comes to God’s existence can be related to the human soul, in which according to the Holy Quran, the consciousness of the existence of God is anchored. The man’s intimate conscience is constantly appealed: “Or were they created by nothing, or were they the creators [of themselves]? Or did they create the heavens and the earth? Rather, they are not certain…”(Quran 52: 35-36). “Am I not your Lord (Rabb)?” (Quran 7: 172)

It is thus demonstrated that the knowledge of the existence of God is part of human nature. This knowledge is sometimes mentioned in terms of the unimaginable proximity of the human spirit and the Divine Spirit: “But We are nearer unto him than you, but you see not.” (Quran 56: 85). This demonstrates that the acknowledgment of God’s existence by the human soul is clearer than the consciousness of one’s own existence. The degree of consciousness undoubtedly varies according to the different natures according to whether the inner light of man is brilliant or weak.