The Quran, the Holy Book of Islam

Islam: a historical religion

Islam is undoubtedly a historical religion, and its Holy Founder, a historical figure. It is a fact that even the hostile critic of Islam must admit. Thanks to history, one can read about the life of the Prophet, and about the Holy Quran, which is the source of all the spiritual and social laws of Islam, as Bosworth Smith points out, “A book absolutely unique in its origin, its preservation … based on a solid authenticity no one has ever been able to seriously doubt”. Muir admits that “there is probably no other work in the world that has lasted twelve centuries with such a pure text.” Von Hammer adds that “we are convinced that the Quran authentically represents the word of Muhammad that the Muslims believe it’s the word of God.”

Possessing a book of divine revelation as well preserved over the centuries to guide him in his spiritual and moral well-being, and the example of such a great and noble Prophet whose various experiences in life provide the best rules of conduct in the different phases of human life, a Muslim is certain to accept every truth revealed by God to any nation, and not to ignore all that can be found in the life of every good man. A Muslim not only believes in the truth of all Divine revelations and accepts the religious leaders of all peoples, but he also follows the lasting and permanent truths contained in these revelations by following the finest and most transcendental of them, imitating all good men in all that can be found in their life by taking the most perfect example as a model.

Prayer times Doha 2019

These are the prayer times in Qatar. Take a look at Doha prayer time.

Fajr: 03:15 AM
Sobh: 04:44 AM
Dhuhr: 11:32 PM
Asr: 02:56 PM
Maghrib: 06:18 PM
Isha: 07:48 PM

The perfection of religion

The great mission of Islam was not, however, to preach this one truth, which, given the isolation of the different nations of the earth from each other, had not been preached before, but also to correct errors that have made their way into various religions, to separate the right from the wrong, to preach the truths, and most important of all, to bring together in one book the truths contained in every Divine revelation passed on to any people for the sake of governing of the man; and finally, to answer all the spiritual and moral needs of a humanity in constant progress.
Thus, Islam proclaims itself as the final and most perfect expression of God’s will, as the Quran says: “… This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favor upon you and have approved for you Islam as religion… “(Quran 5:3).